Mobile Clinic Bus by Odulair: Mobile Cancer Screening Bus

With the unveiling of the new Odulair Mobile Clinic Bus for cancer screening, Infirmary Cancer Care recently added its name to the Odulair family and is the first cancer treatment center in the great state of Alabama to offer mobile cancer screenings.

Mobile Clinic Bus by Odulair for Mobile Cancer Screening

The 32- foot mobile clinic bus by Odulair is a comfortable and upscale specialty vehicle, with a design layout that features a reception area and two exam rooms, making it easier for the community to be screened for multiple types of cancer, including, skin, breast, prostate, colorectal, and lung cancer, as well as, diabetes.

Susan Boudreau, COO of Mobile Infirmary and vice president of cancer services at Infirmary Health declared that “The Infirmary Cancer Care mobile cancer screening vehicle is instrumental in reaching those in the rural communities we serve”.

This Mobile Clinic Bus for Cancer Screening by Odulair was made possible by generous donations from the Infirmary Foundation and its many supporters through fundraisers such as the Infirmary Foundation's Crystal Ball.  Early detection of cancer is vital. Because of this mobile cancer screening unit, we are hopeful the public will take advantage of getting screened while attending a community function whereas they may not make an appointment to get screened otherwise.

The new Odulair mobile clinic bus by Odulair is a cancer screening vehicle that will be traveling to schools, churches, community events in local counties and mobile medical outreach programs.

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