Mobile Audiology Unit

Mobile Audiology Unit Mobile ENT Clinic by Odulair manufacturer of mobile medical vehicles (trucks, trailers, bus, containers), available for sale rent or lease.

Mobile ENT Clinics 

Mobile Otolaryngology Clinics (Mobile ENT Clinics) by Odulair can be manufactured on a variety of mobile medical vehicles including standard and 4 X 4 box-truck, school bus, and passenger bus platforms, different size mobile medical trailers, and shipping container clinics. Hydraulic slideouts are available on Mobile ENT Clinics box-truck platform allowing to enlarge the patient care area without enlarging the actual size of the vehicle. Odulair also manufactures larger transportable, relocatable, and modular audiology clinics.

Mobile ENT Clinics by

The Odulair Mobile ENT Clinic includes a consultation area where the medical team can speak privately with patients and their family members, an isolation chamber (audiology booth), and medical equipment for both screening and diagnostic hearing tests. The Mobile ENT Clinic by Odulair provides everything needed for mobile hearing testing at the workplace or patient outreach programs in a compact and efficient package.

Mobile Audiology Unit ENT from Odulair

Mobile Clinics by Odulair are the gold standard in mobile audiology clinics.  Mobile Audiology/ENT Units by Odulair are specially designed to provide the highest standards for hearing tests and occupational health services. Odulair Mobile Audiology ENT Clinics are completely self-contained, and ready for the delivery of rural healthcare and are telemedicine ready.

Odulair Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Mobile Clinics provide the quietest work environment in the industry. Odulair structural design of a Mobile Audiology Unit is unique in the medical industry and it is so quiet that has even been used in the design of a music recording studio. For accurate hearing tests and diagnosis of diseases of the ear, nose, and throat, Odulair special technology provides the best environment where your medical staff can evaluate, diagnose, and treat otolaryngological conditions and diseases.

Mobile Hearing Tests with an Odulair Mobile Audiology Clinic provide comprehensive hearing evaluations using the latest diagnostic tools to precisely diagnose and measure hearing loss.  The Odulair Mobile ENT/Audiology Clinic can be set up and fully operational with one (1) person in less than twenty (20) minutes.

A Mobile ENT Clinic by Odulair includes as standard ENT/Audiology equipment the following package:

Exam Table (1)
Examination Lights (2)
Wire Glove Dispenser (2)
Wall Clothes Hanger (2)
Doctor’s Airlift Stool (1)
Hazardous Waste Container (1)
Stainless Steel Instrument Table (1)
Welch Allen Diagnostic Wall Station (1)
Percussion Hammer (1)
Health-O-Meter Physician Scale (1)
Stethoscope (1)
Diagnostic Audiometer (1)
Audiometric Sound Isolation Booth (1)
VRA2001 Complete with MDF Box, Audiometer & Accessories (1)
Hearing Aid Analyzer (1)
Sound Level Meter (1)
Middle Ear Analyzer (1)

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