Biocontainment Unit

Odulair patented technology of Biocontaiment Units makes it the safest in the world, with several layers of embedded containment within one given structure, and are used to address SARS, Ebola, Corona, among other epidemics.

Mobile Biocontainment Units by Odulair are available for worldwide delivery. Biocontainment Units designed by Odulair can be built as fixed facilities, either brick and mortar, modular, or ISO container structures.

Biocontainment Unit by Odulair
used against Ebola virus

Biocontainment refers to the physical containment of highly pathogenic organisms or agents such as bacteria, viruses, and toxins by isolation in environmentally and biologically secure facilities, rooms, and cabinets, as means to prevent the release or spreading into the surrounding community.

Biocontainment Units designed and manufactured by Odulair have been featured in the international press, including, UK's The Economist.

Biocontaiment Units by Odulair, including, the Ebola Isolation Unit are available in several platforms, including, Isolation Pods, Isolation Tents, Isolation Rooms, as wells as Mobile Isolation Units.

Biocontainment Unit by Odulair
featured by The Economist

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