World’s First 100% Solar Powered Mobile Clinic

The world’s first 100% solar-powered mobile clinic is unveiled Thursday at Clemson University Joseph F. Sullivan Center on campus. The new solar powered mobile clinic by Odulair will provide educational opportunities for Clemson students and increase mobile medical outreach services to underserved populations in the Upstate and beyond. The new, one-of-a-kind mobile medical vehicle by Odulair includes other features that increase its efficiency and versatility in its role as the mobile arm of the health care center.

Dr. Paula Watt, Sullivan Center director, has seen the center go through two previous mobile clinics since her arrival in 1996. She said the benefit of a mobile clinic is twofold: it allows the center to effectively reach underserved communities and demonstrates to Clemson students the challenges in the care of vulnerable patients. A best-in-class mobile unit such as this new one by Odulair will further enhance the center’s ability to achieve these goals.

“We did immeasurable homework on what we wanted, because this will be a rolling billboard for Clemson University and the outreach it provides,” Watt said. “This vehicle is truly a dream come true for me and our staff.”

The clinic is the most ambitious project to date for the mobile medical clinic manufacturer, Odulair, which has built dozens of mobile clinics for other organizations, such as the Mandela Kids Foundation in Africa. Watt worked closely with Anita Chambers, president and CEO of Odulair, to create a unique, durable design for the clinic.

One of Watt’s primary concerns was the clinic’s off-road capabilities, so Odulair started the project with a four-wheel drive base so the clinic could tackle almost any terrain. The clinic features flexClinic™ technology, so that its walls can move and convert into space for one to five rooms. The clinic can be used as one large patient education room for 20 people or a combination of rooms for lab, reception and exam room services.

When parked, the new Odulair mobile clinic draws 100 percent of its power from a special solar battery system, which eliminates the noise and fumes from a traditional generator and decreases operation and maintenance costs. Chambers said the clinic’s solar feature distinguishes it from other mobile clinics and is the world’s first mobile clinic to incorporate 100 percent solar operations.

“I think we’ve all dreamed of using solar power in this way for a long time, but the technology is finally at a stage where it can be useful,” Chambers said. “Mobile clinics are required to sit in farm fields or other remote locations for eight or more hours a day, so the use of solar power is a huge improvement.”

Mobile Audiology Unit

Mobile Audiology Unit (also, ENT Mobile Clinic and Mobile Hearing Tests) for when one needs on-site audiology services and mobile hearing testing. Providing the best Mobile Audiology services such as mobile hearing tests and audiological assessments has never been easier thanks to the Mobile Audiology Units designed and manufactured by Odulair. Built on a variety of mobile clinic designs, Mobile Audiology Clinics provided by Odulair are available in the USA, Europe, Latin and South America, Asia, Middle East and Australia. One can choose between a variety of mobile medical vehicles including Mobile Audiology Trailers, Mobile Audiology Trucks, and Mobile Audiology Vans, available for sale, rent or lease by Odulair.

The Odulair Mobile Audiology Unit includes a consultation area where the medical team can speak privately with patients and their family members, along with an audiology booth and medical equipment for both screening and diagnostic hearing tests. It provides everything needed for patient outreach programs in a compact and efficient package. Self-powered (solar powered or generator), the Odulair Mobile Audiology Unit provides the ultimate mobile clinic outreach services for ear, nose, and throat cases.

Medical teams can provide both screening and diagnostic audiology services within a single Odulair Mobile Audiology Unit. Additionally, audiology services can be included in an Odulair Otolaryngology Clinic (ENT Mobile Clinic).

Mobile Eye Clinic for Sale

Odulair Mobile Eye Clinic for sale, the Mobile Eye Clinic where all the Mobile Eye Doctors can deliver high quality mobile eye care and mobile optometry services. What's possible in the new Mobile Eye Clinic for sale by Odulair? The best mobile eye exams are done with the best mobile eye doctor and the best mobile eye doctors need a Mobile Eye Clinic by Odulair. Simple.

mobile eye clinic
Mobile Eye Clinic

Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, reality spoke louder and the hardships were turned into meaningful lessons that can improve disaster preparedness, or the next big one. Those affected by those storms had to replace a lot of basic material things in their lives. They lost their house, their car, their possessions, their toothbrush, their stuff. Some stuff one can live without but others one has immediate need to replace them. Take for example eye glasses. How many people depend on prescription eye glasses and contact lenses to be functional everyday? Eye sight for many is dependent on a pair of prescription glasses or contact lenses and it is often the case in emergency situations that prescription glasses and contact lenses very easily get damaged, broken or lost and it is imperative for those affected, to have their lost or damaged eyewear be immediately replaced.

For that, in case of an Emergency you need Mobile Eye Doctors to deliver Mobile Eye Exams in a Mobile Eye Clinic by Odulair allowing patients to receive comprehensive eye exams and, if needed, receive glasses on site in minutes. That is the Mobile Eye Clinic by Odulair, an ultra fast to deploy Mobile Eye Clinic self-powered and self-sustainable featuring exam rooms with the latest eye care and optometry technology, dispensaries with popular frame brands, and finishing labs to make glasses on-site. Call it mobile clinic, call it mobile clinic eye, call it mobile eyes optometry, call it having a mobile vision solution.

Mobile Clinics Solar Powered Africa

Mobile Clinics Solar Powered Africa: The rural areas of African countries' most often lack hospitals and community clinics leaving the  locals with no other option than to walk kilometers to reach the nearest health clinic to seek medical help. Odulair new solar-powered mobile clinics totally change that. The Odulair solar-powered mobile clinics are custom built mobile medical facilities available for sale mobile clinics in trucks, trailers, busses, and vans,  and capable of delivering on-site mobile medical healthcare services including mobile eye care, mobile dental care, or malaria testing. The solar panels harvest the solar energy which is then stored on board using a series of lithium-ion batteries, allowing the Odulair Mobile Clinics with Solar Power to operate 24 hours a day completely silent and free from diesel and generator maintenance bills and hassles. Odulair partners with various aid groups, universities and local governments.

Contact your Odulair representative today and find out how you can have your mobile clinic operating on solar power!

Mobile Hearing Testing

Everyday, more and more companies choose Mobile Hearing Testing services with Odulair Mobile Hearing Clinics. Odulair manufactures Mobile Hearing Testing on a variety of mobile platforms including Mobile Hearing Testing clinics in truck (also 4X4), bus, trailer, and shipping container. Hydraulic slideouts are available on the box-truck platform to enlarge the patient care area without enlarging the size of the vehicle. Odulair also manufactures larger transportable, relocatable, and Modular Hearing Testing Clinics.

Mobile Audiologist teams can provide both screening mobile audiometric testing services and diagnostic audiology within a Mobile Hearing Testing clinic. The Odulair Mobile Hearing Testing clinic includes a consultation area where the medical team can speak privately with patients and their family members, along with an acoustically isolated booth and medical equipment for both audiometric screening and diagnostic hearing tests. It provides everything needed for on-site hearing testing and patient outreach programs in a compact and efficient package.

If your goal is to provide efficient and comfortable hearing tests from the workplace to schools, experience the difference with the Mobile Audiology technology by Odulair. Contact an Odulair representative today!

Mobile MRI Unit

Odulair Mobile MRI Units provide diagnosticians with unparalleled detail of internal anatomy and pathology. Every medical facility cannot afford to offer MRI services on a regular basis usually due to the cost of constructing an appropriate MRI facility, not the cost of the MRI scanner itself. The Odulair Mobile MRI Unit offers medical facilities a cost effective method of adding MRI services to their diagnostic armamentarium quickly and easily.

Odulair Mobile MRI Units are built to serve patient populations as independent operating vehicles or vehicles incorporated into an existing facility.  Customers have indicated that purchasing and fully integrating an Odulair Mobile MRI Unit into their facility cost one-tenth of the financial capital and took one-quarter of the time required to build an additional MRI scanner facility within their existing facility.

Odulair manufactures Mobile and Transportable MRI Units. Odulair Mobile MRI Units are housed in a 8' X 53' semi-trailer which can optionally be fitted with slide outs for additional square footage. Odulair Transportable MRI units are manufactured in a 12' X 60' oversized semi-trailer.  Although this oversized trailer requires a special permit for transport, if moved infrequently, it might be a more effective option for hospitals and imaging centers seeking additional MRI coverage.

Mobile MRI Units by Odulair are available for sale rent or lease.

Benefits of an Odulair MRI Unit:

  • Allows medical facilities to add MRI scans to their diagnostic imaging services quickly and cost effectively
  • Helps medical facilities address over capacity constraints, such as overflow and backlog issues
  • Offers patients exceptional, diagnostic-quality MRI Scan services without the medical facility incurring a major capital expense
  • Provides a "bridge service" during construction, renovation, or upgrade of your current facility
  • Utilizes all major brands of CT equipment including GE, Siemens, and Philips

Medical Equipment Suppliers in Africa by Odulair

Medical equipment manufactured and supplied by Odulair in Africa countries include Mobile Medical Clinics, Mobile Health Clinics, Mobile Clinic Vans, Mobile Dental Clinics, Mobile Hospital, Mobile Field Hospital, Mobile Lab, Mobile Surgery Units, Mobile Endoscopy Units, Mobile Women's Clinics, and others all available for delivery in Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Ceuta, Chad, Comoros, Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti , Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya,  Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Madeira, Malawi , Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mayotte, Melilla, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Republic of the Congo, Réunion, Rwanda, Saint Helena, São Tomé and Príncipe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania,  Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Western Sahara, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Mobile medical clinics available for sale by Odulair are available internationally directly or through approved medical equipment suppliers in country. For a catalogue of Odulair Medical Equipment Supplies or a list of approved Odulair Medical Equipment retailers in Africa, please contact Odulair main office.

Mobile Clinics by Odulair always offer the ideal space scaled to your exact needs and designed for maximum efficiency.  Odulair designs and manufacturers mobile clinics for specific types of medical services, with mobile medical specialty vehicle options ranging from RV, trucks, box-trucks, trailers and shipping containers.

Mobile Clinics by Odulair receive full-warranty and in country service for both the vehicle, and medical equipment.  Mobile Clinics by Odulair for Africa are specifically designed and engineered to address high-temperatures, high-humidity, poor roads, providing a rugged mobile clinic that is easy to operate and maintain.  Odulair specializes in mobile medical specialty vehicles such as mobile medical clinics in over 40 medical specialties manufactured in trucks trailers vans buses and shipping containers. Also available modular buildings for permanent and temporary medical facilities.

Contact your Odulair Medical Equipment Supplier today!!