Medical Outreach Africa: How to Develop a Mobile Medical Outreach Program in Africa?

Odulair manufactures mobile health facilities specially designed to meet the challenges of delivering health care in the African continent. From rural healthcare to urban medical outreach settings, Odulair mobile clinics are tested to endure a long life working under high temperatures, high humidity, in tough roads or no roads at all. These mobile health units can range from mobile health vans, to 4*4 all terrain mobile clinics, to mobile hospitals built for Africa.  The best delivery of mobile healthcare in Africa is possible because of Odulair care in providing a worry-free experience for the client. Odulair provides on-site training, outreach program set-up including outreach program development and sustainability.

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Mobile Medical Outreach at Medium Security Prisons at Nsawam, Ghana, Africa

Five Odulair Mobile Clinics with medical officials were on sight at the Medium Security Prisons at Nsawam on Tuesday April 1, 2014, providing ear, nose, throat, dental, x-ray and ophthalmology screening services to inmates provided by Ghana's National Mobile Clinic programme.

Three thousand seven hundred inmates are supposed to receive free medical care and medications.
The five-day exercise at the Nsawam Prison, forms part of the national specialized medical outreach project to ensure that the vulnerable irrespective of location are given their constitutional right to good, quality health care.

Mobile Clinics Africa: Mobile Clinic Outreach Program at Agbogbloshie - Digital Dumping Ground

Mobile Clinic Outreach Program by Odulair Mobile Clinics traveled to Agbogbloshie the Digital Dumping Ground in Accra, Ghana, know as the most toxic place on earth.

Odulair is proud to have enabled the first Mobile Medical Outreach to the population of metal scrapers that work and live at the e-waste dump site. The level of toxicity generated by burning electronichas contaminated soil and air is so badly that most workers day of cancer by their twenties.

Odulair's Medical Outreach Program to Agbogbloshie - Digital Dumping Ground with the Ministry of Health of Ghana was a success of efficiency and organization.

MoH organises free health screening for scrap dealers

Odulair Mobile Clinic Outreach Program at Agbogbloshie

Mobile Dialysis Unit with Synesthesia

Mobile Dialysis Unit by is the world's first U.S. healthcare code compliant mobile dialysis unit. The Mobile Dialysis Unit is housed in a 53 foot (16 meter) triple expandable trailer providing 1,000 square feet (93 meters squared) of interior space. The Mobile Dialysis Truck includes six patient dialysis stations with state-of-the-art hemodialysis machines, on-board water purification, and Herman Miller reclining treatment chairs with built-in heat and massage to ensure patient comfort. The nurse's station is located centrally within the six renal dialysis stations for monitoring patients continuously without effort. Patients can view movies on their individual iPads or experience the ultimate in relaxation with SynesthesiaPatient Relaxation System. The system is a multimedia installation developed for healthcare environments combining relaxing music, nurturing video imagery, and ambient color changing lights. Together, they reduce anxiety, increase relaxation, and stimulate well being among patients and medical staff.

Mobile Dialysis Unit: Mobile Dialysis Clinics manufactured by Odulair

Odulair, the world’s leading provider of advanced mobile health clinics and mobile medical vehicles announces their launch of the world’s first Mobile Dialysis Unit meeting U.S. healthcare building regulations necessary to collect reimbursement fees from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The Odulair Mobile Dialysis Unit was on display at the 9 Annual Mobile Health Clinics Forum held September 14-17, 2013 in Palm Springs, CA hosted by the Mobile Health Clinics Association.

The Odulair Mobile Dialysis Unit is housed in a 53 foot (16 meter) expandable trailer that provides 1,000 square feet (93 meters squared) of interior space. The unit includes six U.S. healthcare code compliant patient dialysis stations each including state-of-theart onboard hemodialysis water treatment, Fresenius dialysis machines and Herman Miller Nemschoff Treatment chairs with built-in heat and massage to ensure patient comfort during their dialysis treatment which typically lasts up to four hours. The Mobile Dialysis Clinic also includes all of the ancillary areas required for CMS reimbursement including a reception area, central nurse’s station, clean workroom, soiled workroom, handicapped accessible restroom, equipment repair room, environmental services room, and water treatment room.

Upon touring the Odulair Mobile Dialysis Unit, California Congressman Raul Ruiz, MD graduate of Harvard Medical School, said, “This is a mobile dialysis clinic that has features that are not even available in some hospitals. This is amazing!” 

“The inspiration for this unit came from the plethora of calls Odulair received from flooded dialysis centers just after Hurricane Sandy destroyed New Jersey and New York dialysis facilities,” said Dr. Anita Chambers, CEO of Odulair, LLC. “Our research and development team had been working on the design of a U.S. healthcare code compliant Mobile Dialysis Unit for over a year when the calls started coming in. It was heartbreaking to hear that patients, who were already in poor health, now had to drive up to four hours to a cooperative clinic to receive their four-hour treatment in the middle of the night, then drive four hours back home again. Upon hearing these stories, we made it our top priority to complete the design and construction of our first Mobile Dialysis Unit as soon as possible,” Chambers said.

According to the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NKUDIC), National Institutes of Health (NIH) the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that one in 10 American adults, more than 20 million, have some level of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). According to the American Kidney Fund 2012 Annual Report, kidney disease is the 8 with an estimated 31 million people suffering from CKD. Although CKD is more common among women, men with CKD are 50% more likely to progress to kidney failure known as End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), which requires dialysis or kidney transplantation to sustain life. In 2009 (the most recent statistics available), there were 116,395 new kidney failure diagnoses, 571,414 people living with kidney failure and 90,118 deaths among people with kidney failure; 398,861 of these people were on dialysis with over 90,000 people on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. In 2011, about 14,000 kidney transplants were performed. In 2009 Medicare expenditures for people with CKD totaled $33.8 billion USD with $29 billion being spent on patients with kidney failure (ESRD).

Odulair, LLC is a Wyoming company founded by a medical professional in 2008 to assist governments, NGOs, and private medical providers with advanced technology mobile clinics for the delivery of healthcare in over 40 medical specialties. Odulair Mobile Clinics range from highly mobile 4x4 based clinics from 30 – 40 feet in length to triple expandable over-sized semi-trailers providing Mobile Dialysis Clinics, Mobile Surgery Units, Mobile Trauma Units, Mobile Urgent Care Units, and more.

Odulair mobile medical units are built to serve patient populations as independent operating vehicles or vehicles incorporated within an existing facility. Our units have been used for patient outreach missions, hospital and surgery center renovation, capacity correction, emergency response, healthcare services within correctional facilities, humanitarian healthcare delivery, community outreach, rural healthcare, and All Odulair products meet United States DOT requirements for standard transportation over U.S. roads and can also be transported via military aircraft such as the C-5A or C-130.