Mobile Dialysis Units in the United States

Mobile Dialysis Units in the United States manufactured by Odulair have features that most Dialysis Clinics and Dialysis Centers only wish they had.

Mobile Dialysis Units in the United States
Mobile Dialysis Units in the United States

Ready for tele dialysis consultations through secure cloud network guaranteed to work no matter where you need to deliver Dialysis Treatments, the different Odulair options for Dialysis mobility include Mobile Dialysis Vehicles such as Mobile Dialysis Truck, Mobile Dialysis Trailer, Mobile Dialysis Bus, Mobile Dialysis Van.

In Mobile Dialysis, Odulair has the experience of being the only Mobile Dialysis Unit manufacturer in the USA to have ever built one, and specifically, a Mobile Dialysis Unit that meets all US healthcare requirements for Dialysis Facilities.

Mobile Dialysis Units in the US available for sale or lease through

Renal Dialysis Trailer

Renal Dialysis Trailer
Renal Dialysis Trailer for Mobile Hemodialysis Treatments and Mobile Peritoneal Dialysis Treatments for Mobile Home Dialysis Treatments Veterans Hospital Dialysis Mobile Dialysis Treatments in Emergency Preparedness and Dialysis Treatments for Emergency Response, Mobile Dialysis Unit, Mobile Dialysis Clinic, Mobile Dialysis facilities by Odulair for sale, lease or rent by manufacturer in trailer truck bus van or shipping container Mobile Medical Dialysis solutions.

Mobile Dialysis Truck

Mobile Dialysis Truck Mobile Dialysis Bus Mobile Dialysis Trailer the only Mobile Dialysis Unit in existence for sale, rent or lease by manufacturer Odulair.

Mobile Dialysis Truck
Mobile Dialysis Truck
Dialysis is the process of clinical purification of the blood, a way of removing toxic substances from the blood stream and thus restoring the blood's volume and composition to normal levels. Dutch physician Willem Kolff, first at Gronigen University Hospital, and later at Kampen Hospital treated his first Dialysis patient with an experimental dialysis machine as early as 1943, and only in 1956 he would introduce the first practical haemodialysis machine.

Mobile Dialysis Truck by Odulair
Mobile Dialysis Truck

Today, Odulair LLC is the first and only manufacturer of Mobile Clinics in the USA to ever build a Mobile Dialysis Unit that meets all CMS requirements, and the only commercially available mobile dialysis unit to date built on a 53ft double expandable medical trailer which provides a mobile dialysis facility with approximately 1000 sq ft.

Currently the large Mobile Dialysis Unit as seen on the Dialysis Video on youtube is only one of the available models for Mobile Dialysis. In fact, a Mobile Dialysis Truck is available by Mobile Dialysis manufacturer Odulair and it uses the same technology presented in the Mobile Dialysis Unit 53ft. The number of Dialysis Chairs in a Mobile Dialysis Truck can range from 1 to 6 dialysis stations. Send us an email today to learn more about the Mobile Dialysis Truck.

Medical Outreach Programs

Medical Outreach Programs by Odulair are effective Mobile Health programs at delivering high quality healthcare to large numbers of patients daily at a very low cost with maximum effectiveness in the management of both human and medical resources.

Medical Outreach Program

Medical Outreach Programs by Odulair include a package of one or more Mobile Clinics custom designed for the country of operations, personnel training including medical equipment training to local doctors and nurses on how to operate an Odulair Mobile Health Clinic, as well as auxiliary personnel training, from drivers to biomedical engineers, and local logistics team.

Odulair frequently collaborates with heads of state, religious leaders, church outreach programs, correctional facilities, local companies and non profit organizations to establish and develop a Mobile Medical Outreach project suitable for their community.

Contact Odulair today and make your Medical Outreach Project a success.

Mobile Clinics Africa on African News

Mobile Clinics in Africa displaying Odulair Mobile Clinic Outreach Program as seen on youtube from Ghana's National TV news channel. People celebrate mobile healthcare as synonym of healthy individuals.

Mobile Clinics Ghana

Medical Outreach Africa: How to Develop a Mobile Medical Outreach Program in Africa?

Odulair manufactures mobile health facilities specially designed to meet the challenges of delivering health care in the African continent.

Mobile Clinics Ghana

From rural healthcare to urban medical outreach settings, Odulair mobile clinics are tested to endure a long life working under high temperatures, high humidity, in tough roads or no roads at all. These mobile health units can range from mobile health vans, to 4*4 all terrain mobile clinics, to mobile hospitals built for Africa.

Mobile Clinics Africa

The best delivery of mobile healthcare in Africa is possible because of Odulair care in providing a worry-free experience for the client. Odulair provides on-site training, outreach program set-up including outreach program development and sustainability.

Mobile Clinics in Africa

Find more about what Odulair Mobile Clinics Africa can bring to your community

Mobile Medical Outreach at Medium Security Prisons at Nsawam, Ghana, Africa

Five Odulair Mobile Clinics with medical officials were on sight at the Medium Security Prisons at Nsawam on Tuesday April 1, 2014, providing ear, nose, throat, dental, x-ray and ophthalmology screening services to inmates provided by Ghana's National Mobile Clinic programme.

Three thousand seven hundred inmates are supposed to receive free medical care and medications.
The five-day exercise at the Nsawam Prison, forms part of the national specialized medical outreach project to ensure that the vulnerable irrespective of location are given their constitutional right to good, quality health care.