USC and Odulair Unveil the World’s Largest Mobile Dental Clinic

The Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at the University of Southern California recently celebrated its new Odulair Mobile Dental Clinic with a week of free dental care for hundreds in children in Pasadena. The 50-foot Mobile Dental Clinic by Odulair, the largest unit in a fleet of mobile clinics used by the Ostrow Community Health Program, boasts eight dental chairs and over 900 square feet when fully expanded.

Mobile Dental Clinic manufactured by Odulair for USC in Los Angeles, CA
Mobile Dental Clinic manufactured by Odulair for USC in Los Angeles, CA
The state-of-the-art, custom-designed Odulair mobile clinic surpasses the traditional, static dentist’s office with its patient-relaxation system to reduce dental anxiety. The self-contained unit includes a separate room for taking x-rays and space to accommodate a laboratory and sterilization equipment. The clinic, almost the length of a semi-trailer, is outfitted with a combination of naturally antibiotic and easily disinfected materials.
Today, many individuals do not have access to dental care. Mobile Dental Clinics by Odulair have created the opportunity for complete mobile dentistry delivered right where it’s needed. Fully functional when delivered, Mobile diagnostic and treatment facilities such as the Mobile Dental Clinics by Odulair excel in providing on-site dental services for a large patient volume in mobile outreach dental services.
The Ostrow Community Health Program is able to provide ongoing dental care with their new Odulair Mobile Dental Clinic to meet USC’s goal of serving more than 45,000 underprivileged children in five years.
There is no limit to the type of dental work that can be performed inside a Mobile Dental Clinic by Odulair, designed and fully equipped to provide the highest quality dental care for all patients.

Mobile Dental Clinics by Odulair are available for sale in the US and internationally.

Mobile Clinic by Odulair

Mobile Clinic by Odulair

A Mobile Clinic by Odulair is seen by clients as the best option to deliver high-quality and cost-effective mobile health care services, bringing healthcare where healthcare is needed. With clients ranging from large organizations such as the American Government to the small community oriented  NGO, Odulair delivers Mobile Clinics that are durable, sustainable, and can fulfill and exceed the client's demands and expectations.

Mobile Health Clinics by Odulair

Mobile Health Clinics by Odulair extend to over 40 mobile medical specialties used by government nationwide mobile health programs including complex military mobile hospitals (field hospitals) for war zones and refugee camps, mobile surgery and mobile imaging to assist fixed state hospital facilities, on-site mobile operating theatres, on-site mobile dialysis units, mobile primary health care, mobile dental clinics, occupational health and employee screening services, mobile healthcare units in national emergency disaster situations, mobile pharmacy trailers, preventive and urgent mobile medical care, mobile mental health crisis response, screening for women's health with Mobile Mammography Units, immunizations, school-based mobile health services to students, testing and screening for high blood pressure, mobile eye clinics, mobile audiology units, mobile diabetes testing and education programs, mobile HIV/STD clinics, mobile health education and training, and mobile medical outreach programs.

Mobile Medical Manufacturer: Odulair

Odulair is the only mobile medical manufacturer worldwide that is directed and operated by actual medical doctors and medically trained staff, starting with Odulair CEO,  Dr. Anita Chambers, herself, a graduate of Medical College of Georgia in the USA, with decades of professional experience in the medical industry.

Biocontainment Units by Odulair

Biocontainment Units such as those patented by Odulair were designed for use in both US hospitals and worldwide medical institutions to address highly contagious airborne viruses, including, Ebola SARS, among others. Odulair Ebola Isolation Unit has received the attention of the international press including an article on UK's The Economist.

Ebola Isolation Unit designed by Odulair
has been featured on the international press, including
UK's premier business publication, The Economist

Biocontainment Units by Odulair,
developed to address Ebola Virus Outbreak,
as featured by
The Economist

New Mobile Dental Clinic Trailer

The new and massive Mobile Dental Clinic designed and built by Odulair for USC has arrived and is now out working in the field. It includes eight dental chairs and its own x-ray room, making it the largest capacity Mobile Dental Clinic in the world, built on a 50ft double-expandable trailer.

"The mobile clinic expands to 22 feet wide when parked, offering more than 750-square-feet of workspace. In addition to the trailer-based clinics, staff use dozens of additional mobile dental chairs designed by the Mobile Dental Program’s late founder Dr. Charles Goldstein, who launched the program in 1965" in Los Angeles Daily News

USC Mobile Dental Clinic designed and built by Odulair
USC new Mobile Dental Clinic,
designed and built by Odulair

Mobile Dental Clinic for Sale

Let the build start for your Odulair Mobile Dental Clinic. Mobile Dental Clinics for sale by Odulair are custom designed for each client. Ocular is a Mobile Clinics manufacturer in the USA with mobile medical manufacturing facilities in California, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Texas and Florida. Mobile Dental Clinics are available for sale in several designs and plans as well as vehicle choices, including, Mobile Dental Trucks Mobile Dental Trailers Mobile Dental Vans Mobile Dental Buses and Mobile Dental Shipping Containers.

Start the build now!

Mobile Dental Clinic for Sale
Mobile Dental Clinic for Sale

Mobile Dental Clinics by Odulair are available with Mobile Dental Clinic Business Plan advice.
Odulair has a decades long of actual field experience in delivering Mobile Healthcare Services to hospitals, from managing one of the first mobile ultrasound clinics in the USA  manufacturing mobile medical clinics for the UAE South American Latin America Europe Asia and most countries in Africa. 

Mobile Dialysis Units in the United States

Mobile Dialysis Units in the United States manufactured by Odulair have features that most Dialysis Clinics and Dialysis Centers only wish they had.

Mobile Dialysis Units in the United States
Mobile Dialysis Units in the United States

Ready for tele dialysis consultations through secure cloud network guaranteed to work no matter where you need to deliver Dialysis Treatments, the different Odulair options for Dialysis mobility include Mobile Dialysis Vehicles such as Mobile Dialysis Truck, Mobile Dialysis Trailer, Mobile Dialysis Bus, Mobile Dialysis Van.

In Mobile Dialysis, Odulair has the experience of being the only Mobile Dialysis Unit manufacturer in the USA to have ever built one, and specifically, a Mobile Dialysis Unit that meets all US healthcare requirements for Dialysis Facilities.

Mobile Dialysis Units in the US available for sale or lease through

Renal Dialysis Trailer

Renal Dialysis Trailer
Renal Dialysis Trailer for Mobile Hemodialysis Treatments and Mobile Peritoneal Dialysis Treatments for Mobile Home Dialysis Treatments Veterans Hospital Dialysis Mobile Dialysis Treatments in Emergency Preparedness and Dialysis Treatments for Emergency Response, Mobile Dialysis Unit, Mobile Dialysis Clinic, Mobile Dialysis facilities by Odulair for sale, lease or rent by manufacturer in trailer truck bus van or shipping container Mobile Medical Dialysis solutions.