Free Clinics in Los Angeles

Free Clinics in Los Angeles are made possible with Mobile Clinics by Odulair. Even after full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, according to the Congressional Budget Office, there may be as many as 29 million people, including documented, undocumented and those who are eligible for Medicaid but reside in states that are not going to expand this program, who are still without access to health insurance.

Mobile Clinic Programs are often funded by the generosity of individual donors, foundations and grants. Odulair has recently delivered to USC University of Southern California School of Dentistry a brand new super 50 ft Mobile Dental Trailer top of the class with X-ray room and 8 dental chairs, a charitable gift from the Hutto-Patterson Charitable Foundation.

USC Mobile Dental Outreach Program is one of the oldest among the approximately 1,200 Free and Charitable Mobile Clinic programs throughout the nation who since the 1960’s have been filling in the gaps in the current health care system in America.

Free Clinics in Los Angeles
Free Clinics in Los Angeles
with Mobile Clinics by

Mobile Dental Clinics by Odulair set the gold standard for community and grassroots mobile dental care and mobile medical healthcare delivery in both rural and urban settings. Odulair designs and manufactures customer Mobile Dental Clinics as Mobile Dental Vans, Mobile Dental Trailer, Mobile Dental Truck, and Mobile Dental Clinics and offices in shipping containers and medical shelters.

Mobile Dental Clinic

Mobile Dental Clinics by Odulair are designed to provide on-site mobile dental services for patient outreach programs and in dental practices looking to expand their mobile services.

Take a tour of different Mobile Dental Clinics designs by Odulair and discover why Odulair is the gold standard in Mobile Dentistry!

Mobile Dental Clinics by Odulair are available in a variety of mobile medical platforms including Mobile Dental Trucks, Mobile Dental Trailers, Mobile Dental Vans, and Mobile Dental Busses.

Mobile Dental Offices by Odulair can also be included in Mobile Hospitals and Hospital Fields using medical grade shelters or tents, as well as in Floating Hospitals or Hospital boats.

Odulair offers extended warranties on all products. Leasing options available on all of Odulair Mobile Dental Clinics for qualifying clients.

Contact Odulair and learn what the best Mobile Dental Clinics can do for you!

Mobile Clinics in Los Angeles

Mobile Clinics in Los Angeles, Mobile Clinics Manufacturer in California, Mobile Clinics for Sale Rent or Lease in California manufactured by Odulair.

Mobile Clinics in Los Angeles  manufactured by
Mobile Clinics in Los Angeles
manufactured by

The news are out: University of Southern California (USC) Mobile Dental Clinic program is the latest client for what is now the largest mobile dental clinic in the world, designed and manufactured by Odulair. This Mobile Dental Clinic is built on a super trailer with double expanding trailer where slide-outs nearly triple the original footprint of the medical trailer. Based in Los Angeles at USC, this mobile dental clinic travels all the way to Escondido, CA and as far north as Bakersfield, CA.

A $3-million gift from the Hutto-Patterson Charitable Foundation makes USC dental clinic on wheels possible.

Described by the Los Angeles press as "colossal", at 48 feet long —just five feet shy of a standard semi trailer — and 22 feet wide, the mobile dental clinic designed and built by Odulair for the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC stands as the largest mobile dental clinic in the world.

Catherine Hutto-Gordon, who represented the Hutto-Patterson Charitable Foundation, the donating organization who made the colossal clinic possible with a $3 million gift, stated:

“Today, my dream has come to fruition”
—Hutto-Gordon, Hutto-Patterson Charitable Foundation

Hutto-Gordon’s gift not only helped build the custom-made clinic and provide faculty endowments and student scholarships to community-minded individuals in both dentistry and social work, it also sets up a collaboration between the two schools to better provide health care and outreach services to disadvantaged children and their families.

After the ceremony, visitors toured the state-of-the-art clinic, which includes eight dental chairs, a separate X-ray room and a patient-calming system known as Synesthesia, in which soft music and vibrant imagery are used to soothe any frazzled dental nerves.

The mobile clinic is the eighth in Ostrow’s fleet, the largest civilian mobile dental clinic fleet in the nation. USC’s mobile dentistry program began in the late 1960s when dental faculty, staff and students would drive out to remote areas in their own cars, packed full of dental tools and supplies — to provide care to migrant farm workers. Each year, the Community Oral Health Programs provide more than $1 million in free dental care to underserved communities from Central California to the Mexican border.

What is a Mobile Clinic? What does Mobile Medical mean to medical professionals?

In this video, Odulair CEO Dr. Anita Chambers tells us the story behind the development of the the first mobile surgery units in the US. Speaking at the United Nations in Afric#outreach #ministry #missions. 

Mobile Clinics by at work  delivering rural healthcare in Africa
Mobile Clinics by at work
delivering rural healthcare in Africa

a about the use of mobile medical clinics #mobileclinics in the delivery of healthcare in developing, emerging, and established economies, Dr. Chambers explains the use of #mobilemedical units by
Odulair offers the complete selection of platforms including mobile solutions as trucks, trailers, buses, and shipping containers and modular buildings. If you want to see what amazing mobile clinics look like, check it out, it's a great video!!

Mobile ENT Clinics

Mobile ENT Clinics (Mobile Otolaryngology Clinics) by Odulair can be manufactured on a variety of mobile medical vehicles including standard and 4 X 4 box-truck, school bus and passenger bus platforms, different size mobile medical trailers, and shipping container clinics. Hydraulic slideouts are available on Mobile ENT Clinics box-truck platform allowing to enlarge the patient care area without enlarging the actual size of the vehicle. Odulair also manufactures larger transportable, relocatable, and modular audiology clinics.

Mobile ENT Clinics by
Mobile ENT Clinics by

The Odulair Mobile ENT Clinic includes a consultation area where the medical team can speak privately with patients and their family members, an isolation chamber (audiology booth), and medical equipment for both screening and diagnostic hearing tests. The Mobile ENT Clinic by Odulair provides everything needed for mobile hearing testing at the work place or patient outreach programs in a compact and efficient package.

Mobile Clinics by Odulair are the gold standard in mobile audiology clinics.  Mobile Audiology/ENT Units by Odulair are specially designed to provide the highest standards for hearing tests and occupational health services. Odulair Mobile Audiology ENT Clinics are completely self-contained, and ready for the delivery of rural healthcare and are telemedicine ready.

Odulair Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Mobile Clinics provide the quietest work environment in the industry. Odulair structural design of a Mobile Audiology Unit is unique in the medical industry and it is so quiet that is has even been used in the design of a music recording studio. For accurate hearing tests and diagnisis of diseases of the ear, nose and throat, Odulair special technology provides the best environment where your medical staff can evaluate, diagnose, and treat otolaryngological conditions and diseases.

Mobile Hearing Tests with an Odulair Mobile Audiology Clinic provide comprehensive hearing evaluations using the latest diagnostic tools to precisely diagnose and measure hearing loss.  The Odulair Mobile ENT/Audiology Clinic can be set up and fully operational with one (1) person in less than twenty (20) minutes.

A Mobile ENT Clinic by Odulair includes as standard ENT/Audiology equipment the following package:

Exam Table (1)
Examination Lights (2)
Wire Glove Dispenser (2)
Wall Clothes Hanger (2)
Doctor’s Airlift Stool (1)
Hazardous Waste Container (1)
Stainless Steel Instrument Table (1)
Welch Allen Diagnostic Wall Station (1)
Percussion Hammer (1)
Health-O-Meter Physician Scale (1)
Stethoscope (1)
Diagnostic Audiometer (1)
Audiometric Sound Isolation Booth (1)
VRA2001 Complete with MDF Box, Audiometer & Accessories (1)
Hearing Aid Analyzer (1)
Sound Level Meter (1)
Middle Ear Analyzer

Mobile Pediatric Clinics

Mobile Pediatric Clinics by

Odulair manufactures Mobile Pediatric Clinics on a variety of medical vehicles including standard and 4 X 4 box-truck, Mobile Pediatric Clinics on school bus and Mobile Pediatric Clinics on passenger bus platforms. Hydraulic slideouts are available on the box-truck platform to enlarge the patient care area without enlarging the size of the vehicle. Odulair also manufactures larger transportable, relocatable, and modular Pediatric clinics.

Odulair Mobile Pediatric Units provide everything needed for patient outreach programs in a compact and efficient package, including a consultation area where the medical team can speak privately with patients and their family members.

Medical teams around the world use Odulair Mobile Pediatric Clinics to provide specialist outreach services delivering mother and child healthcare in rural and hard to reach communities.

Mobile Pharmacy Trailer

The Mobile Pharmacy Trailer by Odulair  (also, Mobile Pharmacy Unit) is built to serve patient populations as an independent operating vehicle to provide rapid mobile pharmacy services where needed including in emergency preparedness and natural disasters or as a vehicle incorporated into an existing facility for hospitals and clinics renovating their service area.  The Odulair Mobile Pharmacy Unit is a fully functional pharmacy on wheels, and can be transported quickly and easily via tractor, train, or ship, so it is effective in supporting international and humanitarian medical missions.

Mobile Pharmacy Trailers by

Mobile Pharmacy Unit by Odulair

The Odulair Mobile Pharmacy Unit is designed to meet the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Guidelines for Healthcare Facilities, which form the basis for most U.S. State licensing guidelines.  They are U.S. healthcare code compliant including meeting JCAHO, Medicare and State standards for accreditation and can be designed and manufactured in a variety of mobile and modular solutions. Contact an Odulair representative and get your own pharmacy!

Benefits: Mobile Pharmacy Trailer by Odulair 

Allows medical facilities to add additional pharmacy services quickly and cost effectively
Helps medical facilities address over capacity constraints, such as overflow and backlog issues
Offers patients exceptional pharmacy services without the medical facility incurring a major capital expense
Provides a "bridge service" during construction, renovation, or upgrade of your current facility