Medical Trailer: Mobile Medical Trailers

Medical Trailer: Medical trailers and mobile clinics designed and manufactured by Odulair give hospitals, clinics, and healthcare businesses the unique opportunity of delivering on-site services to their patients with top of the line, best-equipped medical facilities. Odulair mobile medical trailers can also be manufactured as a mobile lab or mobile display trailer for companies taking their medical products for on-site demonstrations to physicians, surgeons and other medical professionals at hospitals and clinics.

Medical Trailers: Mobile Medical Trailers manufactured by
Medical Trailers: Mobile Medical Trailers manufactured by

All Odulair mobile medical trailers are equipped with the latest top technology, including options for wireless satellite uplink, allowing instant access to the delivery of telemedicine services.

Odulair designs mobile medical trailers for many different healthcare specialties, jobs, and goals, including: Medical Sales & Training trailers, Medical Exhibit & Trade Show Trailers, Mobile Dental Clinic trailers, Mobile Hospital trailers, Sports Medicine trailers for professional and college sports, Mobile Mammography trailers, Mobile X-ray, Mobile Audiology trailers, Mobile Diabetic treatment, Mobile labs trailers, Emergency Room trailers, Mobile Physical Therapy trailers, Morgue Trailers, Veterinary clinic, Mobile Health Screening trailers, Mobile Healthcare Diagnostics and Therapeutic Services.

Odulair manufactures mobile medical trailers for over 40 medical specialties. In addition, Odulair also uses a variety of mobile medical vehicle configurations including standard and 4x4 box-truck, school bus, and passenger bus platforms. Hydraulic slideouts are available on the box-truck platform to enlarge the patient care area without enlarging the size of the vehicle. Odulair also manufactures larger transportable, relocatable, and modular Internal Medicine Clinics on mobile medical trailers.

The Odulair Mobile Internal Medicine Clinic provides everything needed for patient outreach programs in a compact and efficient package, including a consultation area where the medical team can speak privately with patients and their family members.

Medical teams around the world use Odulair Mobile Internal Medicine Clinics to provide specialist outreach services to rural and hard-to-reach patient populations.

Contact Odulair for new and used mobile medical trailers available for sale, lease, and rental.

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