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What is a Mobile Clinic?

Mobile Clinics are Mobile Health Facilities custom designed and built by Odulair, American Mobile Clinic manufacturer. An Odulair Mobile Clinic can house any traditional Medical Facility on wheels, from a simple Mobile Doctor's Office to a Mobile Medical Unit or Mobile Medical Clinic that can provide treatment in several medical specialties at once, these are all variations on the same theme. With Mobile Clinics it's the healthcare that travels to the patient.

Mobile Clinics can also be named according to medical specialty, platform and regional tradition, so a "mobile clinic" or "mobile medical unit" can also be be named "Mobile Medical Van", "Mobile Medical Truck" "Mobile Hospital", "Mobile Medical Center", "Mobile Health Unit", "Mobile Health Center", among others.

Mobile Medical Clinics for sale by Odulair are built according to strict Healthcare regulations. These Mobile Medical Units can be housed in a variety of mobile and modular platforms that include different truck chassis, trailers, single expandable medical trailers, double expandable medical trailers, and shipping containers.

In addition, Mobile Clinics by Odulair are built for specific locations of the world in order to best accommodate the local conditions and weather and terrain, availability of certain types of fuel, as well as to have readily available mechanical and biomedical warranty services.

Mobile Health Services 

An Odulair Mobile Clinic is ready to deliver Mobile Health Services in both urban and rural healthcare settings in over 40 medical specialties. Mobile Health Services by Odulair are provided by local Health teams trained by Odular or by Odulair staff.

Rural Healthcare

Healthcare in rural areas with Mobile Clinics represents to many rural communities the only possible way to regular access to good quality healthcare. Often in the delivery of Mobile Rural Healthcare Services, Odulair Mobile Clinics are organized in different groups according to medical specialties and targeted populations, and have a planned scheduled of weekly of bi-weekly routes for mobile healthcare delivery to rural communities. 


Telemedicine is often a common resource incorporated in the design and build of a Mobile Clinic or Mobile Health Vehicle. Telemedicine combined with the versatility of a Mobile Clinic allows the ability for a patient living a rural area to communicate with a remote Doctor or healthcare practitioner via a  reliable video and audio streaming connection. Often in developing countries there's a limited pool of human resources with high level training in certain medical specialties. Telemedicine allows a patient to receive a virtual consultation with a remote medical specialist using a secure, low bandwidth video and audio connection, while being assisted and directed on site by a nurse or medical assistant.

Medical Outreach Programs

Medical Outreach Programs by Odulair are effective Mobile Health programs at delivering high quality healthcare in Africa to large numbers of patients daily at a very low cost with maximum effectiveness in the management of both human and medical resources.

From the moment of buying a mobile clinic and after local delivery, Odulair organizes and trains local teams to quickly implement a successful Mobile Healthcare and Medical Outreach Programs, operate the medical equipment, logistics, planning, budgeting, and maintenance.

Medical Outreach Programs by Odulair are often organized in collaboration with Churches Outreach Projects, Ministries of Health Outreach Projects, and private benefactors Outreach Projects.

Contact Odulair to learn more how you can fund and organize your next Medical Outreach Program in Africa.

Mobile Healthcare in Africa

Mobile Clinics in Africa by Odulair represents excellence in the delivery of Mobile Healthcare. Watch an Odulair Mobile Clinic at work with Odulair Mobile Clinic Youtube videos featuring the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Ghana implementing a Mobile Outreach Program based on Odulair Medical Outreach Programs for Africa.

Mobile Health Clinics for MOH Ghana in Africa,
manufactured in the USA by Odulair

The Odulair Mobile Clinics were met the joy of Deputy Chief of Mission with the U.S. Embassy to Ghana, Ms. Pat Alsup, who expressed her government commitment to complement Ghana’s effort at improving health care delivery and commended Odulair, an American company, for their contribution to merging the mobile hospital with rural healthcare services in the country.

Deputy Chief of Mission
of U.S. Embassy to Ghana, Ms Pat Alsup

 Members of Government, American and Spanish Diplomats, members of royal families, student nurses, national and international members of the press, and Ghana's Minister of Health of Ghana, Ms. Sherry Ayittey, all stood enthusiastic to the delivery of the Odulair mobile clinics.

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