COVID-19 Mobile Testing

Odulair designs and manufactures Mobile Lab Trailers for the safest COVID-19 testing. Specifically, to address the coronavirus crisis, Odulair manufactures COVID-19 Mobile Testing Trailer,  Mobile Coronavirus Testing, Coronavirus Mobile Testing Lab, Coronavirus Mobile Testing, Mobile Testing Vehicle, Mobile BSL-2 Lab Unit by Odulair for sale or lease. Mobile Medical Trailers by Odulair are available for different medical specialties and applications, including, Mobile Dental Trailers, Mobile Surgery Trailers, Mobile Dialysis Trailers, Mobile ICU Trailers, Mobile ER Trailers, Mobile Sterilization Trailers, and more. 

The Odulair COVID-19 Test Lab is a turn-key, off-grid solution that exceeds the CDC Coronavirus requirements for performing nasal swab testing.  This BSL2 (BioSafety Lab Type 2) includes a negative pressure ISO 7 Lab including two ISO 5 Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs), a laboratory-grade refrigerator, stainless steel shelves, stainless steel work tables, and clean room chairs. It also includes a large positive pressure ISO 7 Ante Room which can be utilized to intake patients in preparation for nasal swabs. Another positive pressure ISO 7 Lab is included with two laminar flow hoods. This room can be used for performing nasal swabs on patients. The entire COVID-19 Testing Lab can be run independent of local electricity, water or sewer lines as it includes a diesel generator capable of full operations as well as fresh and grey water tanks onboard. Its perfect for on-site Coronavirus testing.

The Odulair Mobile Testing Laboratory solutions include chemical fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, and ductless fume hoods. All equipment present inside the Class II Biosafety mobile testing labs by Odulair is ideal for the handling of Coronavirus samples because they provide 3 levels of protection: personnel protection (the user), product protection (the sample), and environmental protection (the laboratory).

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COVID-19 Testing Lab by Odulair
COVID-19 Testing Lab by Odulair

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