Medical Trailers: Mobile Medical Trailers for Sale or Rent

Mobile Medical Trailers for Sale or Rent by Odulair

Odulair designs and manufactures Mobile Medical Trailers in over 40 medical specialties. Mobile Medical Trailers are some of the largest mobile medical units that can be possible manufactured and still be transported on the road, including but not limited to, Mobile Dental Trailers, Mobile Surgery Trailers, Mobile Pharmacy Trailers, Mobile Compounding Pharmacy Trailers, Mobile Laboratory Trailers, and Mobile ER Trailers. Mobile medical trailers are highly specialized mobile medical facilities by Odulair and are available for sale, rent, or lease.

Compounding Pharmacy Facility Design: USP 800 Compliance 

The Mobile Pharmacy Trailer USP 800 by Odulair is the optimal solution to ensure USP 800 and USP 797 compliance. This is very important, compliance with USP 797 is not the same as compliance with USP 800, and Odulair guarantees BOTH! Odulair mobile medical trailers are specialized facilities that are backed by specialists and checked and approved for USP 800 regulations. Do you need a permanent or temporary mobile compounding pharmacy trailer by Odulair?

Odulair manufactures and delivers USP 800 Mobile Compounding Pharmacy Trailers that are flawless, meant to replace your current combining facility permanently or temporarily. If you are renovating your existent facility, the Odulair USP 800 Mobile Compounding Pharmacy Trailers and Clean Room Trailers will be your best solution. Delivered on-site, and ready to work.

Odulair Mobile Compounding Pharmacy Trailers are focused on workflow, productivity, staff health and well-being. The particle count inside an Odulair Mobile Compounding Pharmacy is groundbreaking low, thus ensuring the cleanest air possible for your staff.  The cost of an Odulair Mobile Compounding Pharmacy Trailer includes commissioning (transportation, getting the mobile unit ready for the staff), as well as 24 hours maintenance and service support.

Odulair USP 800 Solutions by Odulair are built according to approved USP 800 design plans: with Odulair we guarantee you will be USP 800 compliant. USP guidelines are government and state rules that exist to shield patients and pharmacy laborers from potential damage from the compounding of hazardous drugs. The new regulations covering USP General Chapters for Hazardous Drugs, Handling in Healthcare Settings for Pharmaceutical Compounding, and Sterile Preparations, were created to give a total arrangement of guidelines for all human services specialists to help guarantee the protected treatment of hazardous medications.

Mobile Pharmacy Trailers, Mobile Compounding Pharmacy Trailers, USP 800 Mobile Pharmacy Trailers, and Mobile Cleanroom Trailers by Odulair are available for sale and rental in the USA. 

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