Mobile Covid-19 Testing Lab

Ready to test for COVID-19? Check this out: the new Odulair 53 ft mobile testing lab trailer for safest in the market COVID testing. The Odulair Mobile Testing Lab BSL-2 has unique air handling capabilities that will scrub the air for the smallest particles and leave nothing behind.

Mobile Covid-19 Testing Lab by Odulair
Mobile Covid-19 Testing Lab by Odulair
With the need to have COVID-19 mobile testing sites operating in counties across the state, and as healthcare providers across the state continue to increase testing, the mobile testing solutions by Odulair provide the help you need for the safest COVID testing right now.

The Odulair Mobile Testing Laboratory solutions include chemical fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, and ductless fume hoods. All equipment present inside the Class II Biosafety mobile testing labs by Odulair is ideal for the handling of Coronavirus samples because they provide 3 levels of protection: personnel protection (the user), product protection (the sample), and environmental protection (the laboratory).

Because it's mobile you can have one within days fully operating no matter where. It is completely self-contained, it does not require connections to any outside sources although it can be easily connected to a fixed facility.

Mobile COVID Testing units by Odulair can travel around and thus improve access to coronavirus testing, no matter where, including,  essential workers at sites, care homes, prisons.

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