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The Odulair Patient Isolation Unit and Treatment Center serves as a biocontainment, biosafety and isolation room designed for scenarios involving airborne viruses, droplet transmission in hospital rooms, and patient isolation wards, appropriate for dealing with Coronavirus COVID-19, and Ebola.

Medical Isolation Tent for Coronavirus with negative pressure by Odulair

The patented Patient Isolation Unit and Treatment Center by Odulair is a turn-key solution that exceeds the CDC recommendations for biocontainment and biosafety pertaining to airborne virus isolation, infection prevention, and control. 

The Isolation Ward by Odulair is the world’s only infectious disease isolation ward that exceeds CDC recommendations by providing all three types of isolation required for proper containment of patients in addition to providing a safe haven protective environment for healthcare workers.

The Isolation Unit by Odulair includes a self-contained option for locations without adequate power or biological hazardous waste management.

We utilized our expertise in building negatively- and positively-pressurized mobile clinics in order to design the ultimate highly-contagious-infection isolation unit that will contain airborne viruses such as the Coronavirus Covid-19 and provide a protective environment for medical staff. The Isolation Unit by Odulair also protects the medical staff by incorporating an optional autonomous robot for telemedicine, as well as delivering medications, oral rehydration fluids, and food to patients.  The Odulair Isolation Unit includes a unique positively-pressurized medical staff area that provides a safe haven for your medical team. The Odulair Isolation Unit also includes a decontamination area to prevent the spreading of the virus.

The Odulair Isolation Unit can be produced in tents for air freight deployment, shipping container units, modular buildings appropriate for the U.S. and other hospitals, and double expandable trailers. 

Whether you are interested in a building, container, or tent-based Odulair Coronavirus Isolation Unit, all products are all designed as "modules."  This allows for scalability from a minimum of 2 patients to as many as necessary. With the addition of our Patient Transport Pod, your medical staff can safely transport the patient to a more well-equipped patient facility.

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