Mobile Medical Clinic Cost: The Price is How Much?

The cost of a mobile medical clinic by Odulair varies with medical specialty, size and platform as mobile clinics are custom designed mobile medical vehicles fitted to clients' specification.

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In the building and customizing a Mobile Clinic, pretty much all that would apply to a regular fixed facility, applies to a mobile clinic on wheels. Let’s take as starting example, water. What would be of a mobile clinic without a hand washing sink? That’s right, you need at least one. Water means plumbing. Somewhere in the Mobile Clinic, clean water must go in, and stored, then filtered, also heated, and so on. Then, somewhere in the Mobile Clinic dirty water must be stored in a tank to be emptied later when a proper sewer connection is available. Ah, and it needs power to power up all the medical equipment not to mention the lights that illuminate the inside the clinic. Remember, it needs to be self-standing. And, don’t forget the AC, the staff needs to stay cool!! And did you know that there are healthcare building codes that govern all this? Building codes that are particular to each state and each country?

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What about even more basic? Just think of the walls in a mobile clinic. Each wall inside a mobile clinic is just like a wall in your house, it has insulation, power outlets, phone and data lines… some walls, however, are not like in your house where typically you don’t have x-rays taken. That’s right, x-rays will demand different types of walls to keep the radiation from the process contained inside the x-ray unit. See, a lot goes into play and we haven't even talked medical. As you can see, there's a lot to plan to build exactly what you need.

Before we go any further, what exactly is a mobile clinics? What is it that people in the Mobile Medical field do?

What is the medical specialty, type of medical treatments or medical diagnostics to be performed with this Mobile Clinic? Do you work the Mobile Clinic everyday? Do you face tough Winters with difficult road conditions? Because then you may need a 4*4 medical truck and that may narrow down which size of mobile real-estate you can safely work with. Odulair works with you to make sure things are done the way you really need them.

A Mobile Surgery Unit by Odulair is not the same as a Bloodmobile. See, the bloodmobile can easily be done in most large vehicles since as procedure is fairly simple and low cost in terms of equipment. The investment associated with building or renovating an operating room in a hospital is a several million dollar process. A Mobile Surgery Unit although still one of most expensive Mobile Medical Vehicles one can get, it is still much cheaper and much faster to build allowing to recover the investment earlier.

Let's see another example, this one with video. Below is the video of one the most complex mobile medical clinics ever built. Truly an engineering feat and that's why Odulair is one only Mobile Dialysis Manufacturer actually building them.

Odulair manufactures mobile health clinics and mobile medical units on several standardized platforms including highly mobile medical vehicles like a mobile medical van, mobile medical truck, mobile medical bus, to larger vehicles as mobile medical trailers. Odulair mobile clinics are custom built in the USA so the customer gets exactly the quality and service reliability they need.

The client interested in a mobile clinic can choose specific medical equipment options including brands and models. The type of mobile medical unit, the size and type of trailer, truck, bus, van, rv, and so on depends on a combined assessment of cost per minute of operation versus number of patients versus funding.  Odulair Mobile Medical Consulting provides decades of hands on experience performing healthcare services as well as designing and manufacturing easy to use, cheap to maintain, highly durable Mobile Medical Vehicles and Mobile Medical Clinics. Each client is case that receives an optimized solution for the needs and demands presented.

Odulair takes into consideration in the planning and designing of a mobile health clinic details such as weather patterns, and local road conditions to determine what types of mobile units work best for your needs.

Odulair checks with the prospective buyer of a mobile medical clinic the end geographical location as different countries operate with different types of electrical current, electrical outlets, plugs, etc.

Short-term to long-term operational costs of a mobile medical unit can often be largely reduced by upgrading the mobile medical unit with the Odulair Solar Energy Package. The true long-term cost of a mobile medical van equipped with Odulair solar energy package is fare less expensive than buying a mobile medical unit running all day on a diesel generator.

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Long-term used of a fuel powered mobile clinic in countries where gas prices are high, result in higher operation and maintenance costs as opposed to our a solar powered mobile health clinic that has a 10 year warranty and can pay itself off in matter of a few months.

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Mobile Medical Outreach

When working with Odulair a worry free process starts with a phone call where you describe what type of unit you are looking for as well as any special considerations your location requires. Then, we do our homework and get back to you with the options we value as optimal and best for your needs. You choose, we build and deliver your mobile units to location worldwide within 4-6 months depending on the type, size, number and complexity of the modular or mobile medical units.

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